Jack Bland
Jack bland
Vital statistics
Position Protagonist
Age 20 (at death)
Status Alive
Personal attributes
Occupation Musician
Family Tony Bland (father)†
Unnamed mother †
Unnamed step-mother †
Go-eun Ma (fianceé)

Jack Bland is one the protagonists, alongside Go-eun Ma. He was a famous musician who died ten years prior to the start of the story. He is the owner of the haunted Dunn Rose Mansion.


Jack has medium-length blond locks and piercing green eyes. Many of his fans were obsessed with his good looks.


Jack is known for his coldness and bluntness, but he develops a softer side for Go-eun Ma.


Jack was a famous musician who died ten years ago. Many speculate over the cause of his death, whether it was suicide, murder, or something else.

Spoilers Below
Jack was the son of a famous musician, who never treated him warmly. However, his mother cared for him, and he loved her dearly. When she became ill, Jack's father did not pay for a medical treatment, and she consequently passed away. Soon after her death, his father remarried a woman who was similarly cold to Jack.

Before countless audiences, Jack was forced to perform and display his talent. Blaming his father for his mother's death and constantly forced to do his bidding, in a fit of rage, Jack destroyed his instruments. When his mother and father came along with reporters to once again show off his ability, they found Jack overdosed with a woman in his arms. With their reputation tarnished, they threw Jack into solitary confinement in a mental hospital.

While in that place, he heard the voice of a siren. With her singing as his inspiration and a small toy piano, he wrote what would become his most famous song, "Crush". Separated by a wall, he never could see her face, but promised that they would meet. However, right before this could happen, Jack was discharged due to his parents' deaths in a car crash.

He lived alone in the Dunn Rose Mansion for some time until Misha and Ryan came to request Jack's help in a band. Upon seeing Misha's face and deeming her his replacement muse, he accepted. Jack and Misha spent a lot of time together. At one point, Misha wrote down two promises that Jack must fulfill, one to be fulfilled in the future. It read "Come and see me."

But he became obsessed with Misha, and when he learned of Ryan's feelings for her, he kicked Ryan out of the band. This caused a falling out between Jack and Misha. Right before a concert, Jack found the card from Misha, requesting he come to her. He abandoned his concert and desperately rushed there. To his surprise, both Ryan and Misha were there. They tried to calm him down, but with his drug-addled mind, Jack said he couldn't live without her, and then flung himself out of the window. Ryan rushed to save him, but Jack clawed at his wrist, forcing him to let go.

Wanting to see Misha again, Jack made a deal with Sebastian—compose a piece better than his first within ten years, or sacrifice his soul to him.


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  • Despite his ability to compose music, Jack's singing is tone deaf.